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​​​​​The natural world and all its wondrous diversity has always been an amazement to me; that is the inspiration for what I do.

Making art from pressed flowers and botanicals allows me to combine my love for nature and a need to create. It lets me experience an up-close and personal connection with the natural world and this brings me happiness and serenity. 

Besides floral designs, I often include birds, animals, insects and other creatures - all constructed from natural botanical elements.

Several different pressing techniques are used depending on the type of material being preserved.

A special method of sealing and framing the art is the final step for protection from moisture, air, and light.

These processes ensure lasting beauty of the art for many years.

My original framed art, prints, note cards and more are available and can be shipped. 

Take a look around;  I welcome your comments and questions - please contact me.

Thank you,

Mary Lou


  • Art In The Park, Cincinnati, OH
  • Art Local, Springfield Township, Cincinnati,OH
  •  Cincinnati Flower Show, OH
  •  Hyde Park Art Show, Cincinnati, OH
  •  Madeira, OH Art Show
  •  Sharonville, OH Art Show
  •  Wyoming Art Show, Cincinnati, OH

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